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Literature: We make the following educational literature available to you free of charge. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone to request those pieces you're interested in having mailed to you.

1. Can You Afford Retirement? At age 65, only 5 out of every 100 retirees are financially independent. No wonder most people are concerned about running out of money. This piece spells out the critical areas you must consider in your planning. It also gives you a worksheet to begin the retirement planning process. Mail me this piece.*

2. Is Your Estate in Order? Proper documentation and planning is vital for effective estate planning. Without it, your assets may go to unintended recipients, access to financial resources will be delayed, and critical decisions related to your medical treatment may divide your family. This piece discussed each of the essential documents that even the simplest estate plan should include. It also includes a worksheet which allows you to begin the planning process. Mail me this piece.*

3. What's Your Financial Plan? Whatever your financial goals in life, you'll find them easier to reach if you do some planning. This piece includes a nine-step action plan and a worksheet for you to assess your financial situation and begin moving towards the achievement of your goals. Mail me this piece.*

4. Roth IRA Conversions: What You Need to Know. For many individuals, a Roth IRA is preferable to a traditional IRA. This piece looks at the basic rules for converting and why it may or may not be a good idea for you. Mail me this piece.*

5. How to Keep More of What You Make. Simply put, you can keep more by not paying more in taxes than necessary. This piece outlines several basic tax-cutting strategies which you should not overlook. It also includes a handy tax-cutting checklist to get you started. Mail me this piece.*

6. 2012 Tax-Cutting Checklist. Constantly changing tax rules make it challenging to stay informed from one year to the next. This piece provides a detailed checklist of ways you may find helpful in cutting your 2012 taxes. There is also a list of some of the key tax numbers you'll need. Mail me this piece.*

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Our Mission: To provide free educational literature and seminar events to the public, featuring top local professionals experienced in the topics they've been selected to speak on.

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