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Educational Events - Upcoming educational events are as follows:

October 16, 2012 - Before It's Too Late: Retirement & Estate Solutions - Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa

November 15, 2012 - Before It's Too Late: Retirement & Estate Solutions - Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa

January 15, 2013 - Before It's Too Late: Retirement & Estate Solutions - Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa

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Who should attend?
If you are looking for guidance in creating, preserving, and maintaining your financial security in this uncertain economy, and you are concerned about increased taxation, inflation, low interest rates and poor market returns, US government debt, and guaranteeing that your finances will hold up through your increasing life expectancy…THEN THIS EVENT IS A MUST FOR YOU!

#1 Social Security Optimization: Did you know there are 81 possible ways to receive and make the most of your benefits? Most couples miss out on tens of thousands of possible additional benefits by following inadequate advice given by AARP or the Social Security Administration.
#2 Safe Havens From Market Volatility: How much should you be pulling out of the market right now? And where does it belong? Bonds may be the worst mistake you can make right now. Are you tempted by gold or silver? Learn about different safe havens for today’s uncertain market conditions.
#3 Hazards of Putting Your Child’s Name on Your Bank Accounts or Deed: Many people substitute “showing their love”to their children for good, solid estate planning. You’ll hear about six common hazards (things people do wrong) that could cost big money in taxes or attorney fees. Also, you’ll find out what is happening on January 1, 2013 and how it might wreak havoc on your current estate plan.
#4 Tapping into Your Home as a Retirement Resource: One of your largest assets is your home, so you may be thinking of downsizing or taking a Reverse Mortgage as part of your retirement plan. Is that too risky? Shouldn’t you have your mortgage paid off in retirement? You’ll learn from other’s mistakes, so you can safely make the right choices for you.
#5 Guaranteed Retirement Paychecks: Whether you are retired now or are retiring in the next 10 years, learn how you can increase your financial certainty by creating a stream of guaranteed life-long paychecks that will help prevent you from ever running out of money.

Now more than ever, you need this information. Overlooking one seemingly harmless hazard can put your financial security at risk. It's our mission to keep you informed. We urge you to protect yourself by attending this presentation.

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